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It starts with you

Positive Noticing is simple, practical and highly effective. It is an everyday relational strategy, any time, any place. Positive Noticing is different to being nice. It is deliberate and it will build your child’s confidence, resilience and self-belief.


Think about how many times you have positively noticed your children in the last 7 days. I don’t mean just saying thank you or ‘that’s great’. I mean taking a moment to reflect their positive behaviour back to them. To notice something that matters to them. Calmly, quietly and privately. 


Today aim for 5 moments of Positive Noticing. Get one in before school, maybe one between pick up and tea/dinner time, a couple during your evening routines and some at bedtime.


Frequent Positive Noticing means that the best behaviour is celebrated in your home every day. You can positively notice one another, it doesn’t have to be an adult/child interaction. It’s a wonderful habit to encourage for all the members of your family.

The Power of the Positive

Triangulating Effort

Hundreds of schools practise Positive Noticing and will be participating in Positive Noticing Day on Wednesday 13th November 2024. You can use it as an opportunity to introduce Positive Noticing in your home and create your pride patch with the labels you give and receive.


Use Positive Noticing Day as an excuse to talk about kindness, to think about friendships and to remind one another about positive behaviours.

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The Nuggets

Use Positive Noticing Day as an opportunity to start daily Positive Noticing in your home.

Create and share positive labels as a family and save them - stick them on the fridge, the back of the door or put them in an old picture frame.

Talk about kindness, friendships and positive behaviours. Make sure it is something that the whole family join in with.

Positive Noticing recognises the behaviour and compliments the child. It is often the extra comment that connects the behaviour to their character. 

  • ‘I noticed you washed your plate, that’s really helped me this morning, you are very thoughtful, thank you’

  • ‘Doing your homework without me asking shows real independence. I love the determination you are showing’

  • ‘You are so good at sharing with your sister. You are such a kind person.’

  • ‘I noticed that you were really kind to Theo at school. That made me really proud of you’

  • ‘Thank you for putting your clothes in the wash basket. I notice you are following the routine and remembering it perfectly.  You are really trying and I appreciate it. '

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