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Positive Noticing is simple, practical and highly effective. It is an everyday relational strategy, any time, any place.

Last year, Positive Noticing Day was celebrated by over 600 schools. This year many more schools and colleges, parents and students will join us in November for Positive Noticing Day 2023.


As we get nearer to the day we will share ideas and resources so that you have everything you need to make the day a success.

Please put the date in your diary, 15th November 2023 and send Fay an email to register your setting

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Positive noticing day 2023

Last year 

WTAC Hemel Still IMG 1.jpg
WTAC Hemel Still IMG 8.jpg

Hemel School

The Hemel School were kind enough to let us host a 'Positive Noticing' assembly with their  c. 250 Year 7 students. 

The 20-minute session was powerful and continues to have an impact on the school weeks after our visit. 

We want you to do this your way but if you want some inspiration, take a look.

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