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The Briefing

In this ten minute video, Paul explains how to set up your Positive Noticing Day; What to say, What to do & How to be.

Please take the time and watch it to ensure you can get the most from joining us on the first International Positive Noticing Day.

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Hemel School

The Hemel School were kind enough to let us host a 'Positive Noticing' assembly with their  c. 250 Year 7 students. 

The 20 minute session was powerful and continues to have an impact on the school weeks after our visit. 

We want you to do this your way but if you want some inspiration, take a look.

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Positive Noticing for parents

Positive Noticing is simple, practical and highly effective. It is something that is for everyone to use every day. Positive Noticing Day is a great opportunity to introduce Positive Noticing to parents and encourage them to try it at home or talk to their children about when and how they are positively noticed at school.


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